Character Collaboration with Jeff Thomason

In March 2012 Jeff Thomason (the superb comic artist behind the Jak Phoenix Universe illustrations) decided to create this stellar graphic depicting his character, Wandering Koala, and good old Jak Phoenix himself in a ‘what-if’ situation. Like everything he has drawn for the Jak Phoenix Universe this one is a wonderful piece of art. Jeff’s drawings took Jak Phoenix off the page and really brought him to life. His article here explains some of the technical details behind the work and is entitled ‘Teamwork in Fiction,” which perfectly outlines the relationship he and I formed through our indie publishing adventures. Thanks again, Jeff!

Matt D. Williams

Author of the Jak Phoenix Adventures

Jak Phoenix and Wandering Koala


Be sure to check Jeff’s original article here:

Jak Phoenix Paperbacks Now Available Direct!

jak phoenix 2: the markazian deception space adventure ebookThe Jak Phoenix adventures are now available to purchase directly from, for those of you looking for the paperback editions. There are 3 purchasing options available – Jak Phoenix and the sequel Jak Phoenix 2: The Markazian Deception are available separately or together as a bundle. To make sure you can also enjoy the adventures on your eReader or tablet, all purchase options include a coupon code for a free download of the corresponding eBook!

The purchase links are available in the right side bar from every page on this site, with convenient payment available through Paypal. If you would like an autograph or inscription of some kind in your book(s), just drop me a line or include a message with your purchase. Thank you to everyone for your support!

Matt D. Williams, author of the Jak Phoenix Adventures.

Jak Phoenix in Print

Paperback books of Jak Phoenix 1 and the sequel Jak Phoenix 2: The Markazian DeceptionBoth Jak Phoenix novels are now available in paperback editions!

If you prefer your space adventure printed like in the good old days, Jak Phoenix has you covered. Here are your options for purchasing a fresh paperback edition of Jak Phoenix and the sequel Jak Phoenix 2: The Markazian Deception.

Jak Phoenix (The original novel)

Jak Phoenix 2: The Markazian Deception

A direct purchase option from is being considered so stay tuned for that info down the road.

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