New Jak Phoenix Character Art

I’m happy to reveal the colourized version of the new Jak Phoenix character art! In case you’re stopping by for the first time, Jak is the main character in my space adventure series, Jak Phoenix.

Many consider him a space pirate, although he hates the term, preferring something along the lines of ‘unregistered independent space pilot.’ Through the odd shady dealing and space shenanigan he makes his way through the Azore’s Crown galaxy, occasionally upheaving the odd super-villain’s regime along the way.

Stay tuned next week for the new art featuring Baxter – Jak’s co-pilot, partner and friend.


Jak Phoenix Space Adventure 2016 Character Art












The first book in the Jak Phoenix adventures is available free at SMASHWORDSB&NiTUNES/iBooks, and KOBO.  It is also available in the AMAZON KINDLE store, where the price fluctuates.

Jak Phoenix 2: The Markazian Deception is available at a super low price on the AMAZON KINDLE STORESMASHWORDSKoboB&N, and iTUNES/iBooks.


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