Jak Phoenix Update

To say time has been tight doesn’t begin to explain how busy I’ve been, which is the reason for my lack of updates, and new Jak Phoenix material. But the Jak Phoenix adventures continue to be on my mind every day and are certainly not something I’m letting go.

I have Jak Phoenix 3 plotted out and about a third of it is written, so it is something I am plugging away at when time allows. I have recently been going through a creative upsurge so some good progress is being made.

I’ve also been developing some new artwork for the series. Below is the unveiling of some new Jak Phoenix character art, which also happens to be number 001 of the new Jak Phoenix Virtual Trading Card series. Collect ’em all, as they say … or just look at them all on your screen.

Thanks for hanging in there!


jak phoenix line art promo photo web

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