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Today, you’ll find something a little different on Matt Williams, author of Jak Phoenix, decided to sit down (in front of a computer) with Mike Dion, a fellow author who has just started the new site, ‘Book Barista,’ at You may find value in his site as either an author or a reader. Here’s the interview…


MW: Mike, give us a quick overview on what your site is all about.

MD: Hi, Matt. First I’d like to thank you for taking the time to interview me about BookBarista. It’s a pleasure to be discussing it with you. Basically the site is for authors (commercial or indie), book sellers (new or used), those selling book related items (ie eReaders), and those who offer book related services (ie editing). It’s a place that offers free advertising to book folks. Also it’s not owned by any large corporation so folks can post links to places like Amazon, Smashwords, or an independent bookstore. It’s for everyone, not just one segment of the book world. So the opportunity to sell books can increase as visitors see more options to acquire a book from many places. By the way we don’t take a cut of the sale. We are just an advertising site.

Why did you decide to start Book Barista?

Since the book market is changing so fast with the introduction of the eReader and the acceleration in self-publishing it is clear that there is a lack of advertising for many authors out there; commercial and indie alike. We wanted to create a place where everyone can post their book and even up the playing field a bit. Authors of all types are hungry and they need a place to show off. BookBarista gives that to them.

Being an independent author yourself, where do you see the publishing industry going in the next while?

I see traditional publishers teaming up with online venues such as Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords. These companies have created some powerful platforms. BUT publishing companies (the ones with a lot of revenue) can still team up amongst themselves and create their own sites by following an Amazon type model. But the future of publishing is going to be online. I think that is a given. Print books will be around for a long time, especially used books. But the leaner model will take place online. Just look at the way of the VHS, DVD, and old telephones. New technology has taken over across the globe. It’s inevitable that this will happen with publishing as well.

What are you planning for the future with

The near future has us going for traffic and site users. Without users we won’t go anywhere. We need dedication. We need to build a community. Further ahead we have a few plans. But we need to keep our eye on the here and the now.

Obviously you are a fan of literature. What are you reading right now?

Reading is difficult right now. I am working on my books, this site, remodeling my kitchen on a shoestring budget, working my regular job, and taking care of my wife and kids. The last book I read was a Tom Clancy novel a bit ago, Rainbow Six. I was late in getting into his novels. But he has built quite the book empire.

Do you have a favorite author?

You bet! Robert E. Howard. He was a pulp fiction author of the 30’s. He wrote the original Conan books. But he also wrote a ton of other great books and created some incredible worlds and characters beyond Conan. His writing is rich and full of life. He was a great talent.

Where can people follow you online?

For BookBarista we have a blog on the site and we also have a twitter account – BookBarista is the twitter name. As a writer I write under the pen-name, Dodge Winston. The site for my writing is at

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I hope folks give BookBarista a shot and stick with it. It’s a new site so we are all learning what works best. I’m always open for suggestions. I can be reached at

Thanks for your time, Mike.

Thanks for having me, Matt. Wishing you success!


Head on over to Then check back next week for another interview. This time with one of the most successful independent authors, Brian S. Pratt!


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