Musical Accompaniment

Jak phoenix ebook paperback independent space opera sci fi book cover

Jak Phoenix now has an instrumental theme song.  I know, I know, the bandwidth used when everyone flocks to hear it could quite possibly disable the Internet, but I’m selfishly willing to take that risk. 

This was recorded at home with my own instruments.  Even though I tried to mellow the guitar tracks into the mix as much as possible, I’m quite proud of the awesome growly tone on the rhythm guitar track from my Fender Texas Special pickups. This sound has absolutely nothing at all to do with a Space Opera tale, but I think it works.  Even if it doesn’t, it has to for now.

The song is on YouTube below this article. I don’t really have anything for a video yet, but YouTube is the best way to get any sort of multimedia out. You’ll just see a few still images while the song snippet plays.

If you have a second, I’d really appreciate if you could go to YouTube and “Like” this or throw down a comment.

Thanks again for reading!

Matt Williams
Author of the Jak Phoenix Space Adventures at

Read Jak Phoenix:
iTunes (For iPad and iPhone)


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